Informaticists build bridges to the future.

Bringing together people, technology and information in service to others.

The Informaticist

As an informaticist, the focus is on information. It can be challenging to distinguish between information technology and informatics as they may appear to be the same. Technology is a tool, or a part, of the informaticist’s approach. However, it’s essential to remember that limiting perspective to technology may result in limited impact within an organization.

Informaticists are employed across many industries, and typically have a broad range of duties that may range from management to highly technical, career specific work. The breadth of knowledge, skills and abilities of an Informaticist comes from focus in progressively complex areas of informatics.


The Principles

The Principles of Informaticists in Public Service, are essential to building a strong foundation and reaching a higher level of practice in the field. Throughout your career, the Principles facilitate full awareness of your capabilities and role in the success of an organization, program or project.

From collection of information at the foundation, to the pinnacle of advocacy for your service constituents, each level requires close attention and represents progressively complex challenges.

One may spend an entire career focused on a single principle as an Informaticist, although thoroughly addressing all principles will often require a team of informaticists.

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